Hub 2 : Compensation for individuals through class action


The goal of this project is to understand the degree to which compensation awarded to members of a class action (through court ruling or settlement) is, concretely, demanded by the members of the group and how subsequent claims and distribution are carried out. The data and statistics that we will gather will be used to

  1. establish a statistical database;
  2. identify factors that influence the size of claims; and
  3. possibly support a series of reform proposals concerning the indemnity and compensation process in class actions, which will be published in a report.

We will seek to include among the proposals a means of imposing a legal obligation to disclose the size of claims and related calculations for every class action case, as well as a final report concluding the last phase of the recourse.


Shana Chaffai-Parent

Shana Chaffai-Parent

Faculté de droit
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